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Journal to share my thoughts and daily events with friends and family
in my journey through Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 31

hi everyone,
I spent most of the afternoon in a deep sleep due to the medications they they gave me for the bone marrow biopsy. Sorry we didn't have much time to let you know about it. The doctors came in at 10 and said we are going to do it at 11:30. I guess I would rather know before I leave the hospital what the bone marrow biopsy says. I just want to get out of here so bad, I'll do whatever they say. So Just wanted to let you know this is a positive thing. YES IT IS

Day 31

Well they decided to do the bone marrow biopsy today since the white cells did not climb today. started at 11:25 am and didn't get finished till12:30. They tried first on her right side but hit a nerve two different times. Then the decided to do it on her left side. It seemed like 5 hours. It did not look very pleasant. They decided to do the biopsy today because her white count did not go up today. It' not because they expected something negative. It was because if the biopsy comes back clean they can give her something that will produce the white cells faster and that would get her home faster. She sure is ready for that.

Love & Prayers

KYLE & Cindy

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 30

Well everyone I think the flood of prayers has worked. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! The doctors came in this morning and said my white count is climbing so quickly, that I don't need the bone marrow biopsy today, and probably not for 2 weeks. I said, "Please tell me I don't have to stay here that long" and they said no, that as soon as my levels get close to normal, I can go home and then come back to have the bone marrow biopsy as an outpatient. I wanted to jump up and kiss them. SO, KEEP UP THE PRAYERS FOR A NORMAL WHITE COUNT! I can't thank each and every one of you for the prayers and love and strength you have sent to me and my family. I love all of you. I can do this, YES I CAN !

Monday, May 29, 2006


Hi everyone,
Cindy is not feeling well this morning. She has a cold sweat and some disiness. They checked her bp and heart rate and also her sugar and everything is fine. Her white count is up from 390 yesterday to 420 today. She is supposedly scheduled for bone marrow biopy at 1:30 tomorrow. Thank you everyone and keep the prayers coming.WE are POSITVE that they are working.

Ciny & Kyle

Day 29

Well, yesterday was a flurry of activity and I really did have a good day. In the morning, Libby came up and visited. It is always comforting when she is here. Then Kyle came and showed me his cards and gifts. Then Patti came and brought me flowers from her yard. Son, Kyle came at lunchtime with a birthday cake for Kyle that Erika made. It sure did look delicious, ERIKA, but I could not eat any. Everyone else said it was great. Soon, Zac and Lauren and Bailey and Riley were here. A little later Jess, Alayna, and Alli came.WE all went to the atrium and sang "Happy Birthday" to Papa. After everyone left, I took a 2 hour nap! The doctors have not been in yet this morning, but I am anxious to see what they have to say. I will update you later.
P.S. I forgot to mention that Mom R and Ralph came up and surprised us with a visit today. It was very nice to see them also!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Kyle

Today is Kyle's birthday. Happy Birthday honey. I don't know what I would do without him. He has been so strong through all of this. Yesterday, the doctor said there is a possibility that they may not do the bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday, if my white count does not come up, so say some prayers that it does, because I want to be done with it and go home. I will keep you informed if they do change the day. Also, the doctor said there is a 50% chance I may go to Punta Cana, so I have been praying like crazy that I do. Yesterday they also had me start drinking some vitamin enriched juice called Resource. Since, I still can't eat much, they thought I needed it. It wasn't too bad and I kept it down, so that is good. I'll do whatever they say I need to do. I also wanted to send a special thank you out to Jillian C. She sent the most precious picture of her daughter, Ella, posed next to a sign saying "get well soon, Cindy". I have it hanging on my window and smile every time I look at it. I feel a little stronger this morning. That is a good sign.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 27

Had a rough day yesterday, but slept good last night. Sun is out today and that makes me smile. I want to say a big thank you to Gale for all the cards and goodies from her students. You have no idea how those cards brought a smile to my face. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and cards. It overwhelms me. I can't wait until all of this is behind me and I know it will be soon. I'm feeling a little weak today, so this is short, but I can still say YES I CAN!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 26

Well, I had a good nights sleep last night. I didn't wake up until they came in to take vital signs at 3:30 and then I went right back to sleep. I was so surprised when I woke up at 7:30! That was the best I've slept here. However, as soon as I woke up, the nausea/diarrhea took over. I think we have it under control right now. Got up and walked a little today. Trying to do everything I can to get rid of those bad cells and I am going to. YES I CAN

Alexa and Alayna Having Fun at Lynn's House

Alexa and Alayna Having Fun at Lynn's House
Originally uploaded by kyleroth.

They send their love to Nana!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good Day

Today was a good day. I only had a little bit of nausea and was able to take a couple of walks. My sister, Libby came this morning and so did sister-in-law Julie. We had a nice visit, then Dad and Marge came up this afternoon. I found out my bone marrow biopsy will be at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday. And hopefully we will not hear anything until Wed morning. If the results come in early, it means there are still some cells. I am only thinking positive thoughts. The boxing gloves have gotten a workout, and I am ready to stand tall in the winners corner. YES, I Can. Tonight Tony and Mom came up. They were happy to see me sitting in a chair eating a frosty that Libby had brought me. I am going to beat this!

Day 25

Well, I am up early today, because I slept most of yesterday away. Had a bad day with nausea, so I was medicated most of the day. Hopefully today will be better. If The nausea stays away, I feel like I'm gainig strength, but when I have it, it wipes me out. Don't have a time for the bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday, but will let you know as soon as I do. Keep praying for a miracle, I am. YES I AM, and YES I CAN.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 24

I had many visitors yesterdday, which helped the day pass quicker. Sister, Libby came in the morning and stayed and had lunch with Kyle. Then, Barb K and Barb D came in the afternoon. Brothers, Craig and Doug, along with Cindi, Pat, and neice Kelly came up in the evening. It was nice to see everyone and I wished I could go home with them. I also found out yesterday that I have a perfect bone marrow match, my sister Libby. Hopefully it won't come to that, but if it does it is nice to know I have a match. I had a pretty good day yesterday, so hopefully they will just keeep getting better. The "sunburn" rash on my hands and feet seems to be easing up a little and the nausea comes and goes less frequently. Just need to regain my strength. And I know I can.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 23

Yesyerday was a so-so day. Nausea returned and so I spent a lot of time in bed. Kyle was here all day. We took a few walks, but no treadmill. Son, Kyle and Erika brought Kade up in the evening. It was so good to see him. I can't wait to get out of here. It seems I'm getting claustrophobic in my room. This week is dragging for me. I wish they could do the bone marrow biopsy earlier, but I know they can't. SO, I will keep fighting. I will write later today if I can.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Day 22

Had another good day yesterday. It was a quiet day. Kyle went back to Sandusky . Son, Kyle came up to visit around lunch time and sister, Libby came around dinnertime. The rest of the day I sat in a chair and read or took walks. It felt like a long day, but at least there was no nausea or vomiting. I feel like I'm strting to gain some strength back. at least I don't feel like sleeping all day. Again, thank you everyone for all your prayers. I know there were times when that was carrying me through and giving me the courage to say YES I CAN!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day 21

It is a bright sunny day,just like yesterday. It makes me feel like good days are coming. I had a long night last of the results of the chemo this time is a bad "sunburn" type rash on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet, which really does feel like a bad sunburn and kept me awake most of the night. The nurse offered Percocet, but I said NO after my last experience with it. This morning the doctor was in and ordered something IV and that helped. All of my family are at a shower for Lauren today. Wish I could be there. I just have to keep thinking I'm going to be at the wedding. YES I AM and YES I CAN.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Good Day

I can honestly say today is the best day, I've had so far. Nausea stayed away most of the day and I was able to walk down to the atrium with some of my visitors. My son Kyle was my first visitor and he brought his clippers and shaved off what remaining hair I had. Then Willie and Jackie Jesberger came and we went to the atrium for a while . Then Erika came, like a breath of fresh air. Erika left and then Patti came. We had a nice visit. After Patti left, Jessie and the kids came. They snuggled with me at various times and it was so good for me to see them. I really miss the grandchildren and Marcie. Then this evening, Mark and Jan, and Heidi and David came up. It was so nice to see them and thank them for all their prayers. I am truly blessed to have all of you people in my corner, How can I not win? This next week is the final round. Boxing gloves are still on and I'm ready for a win. Usually you have to wait a week for the bone marrow biopsy, but I'll have to wait a littlelonger because of the Memorial Day weekend, so they will do it on Tuesday following Memorial Day. But I can do this YES I CAN. Thanks Gale for all the prayers and rosaries your little ones have done for me and also for the visualization you sent today. I have recited the verse and Kyle and I are working on the rest. Thank you so much!

Day 20

Good morning everyone. The last bag is almost finished and then chemo is done! Yesterday was not areal good day. I only got 2 walks in because of the nausea. My daughter-in-law, Erika came up with Kyle and spent the morning. My sister, Libby came up also and spent most of the day. She gave me a back rub and foot massage. That felt good. I just had a hard time getting out of bed. The nurses said you will have days like that. So today is going to be a better day. I am going to get up and walk extra today. YES, I CAN. And I,m going to give any remaining bad cells the knockout punch, YES, I CAN.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 19

Good morning everyone. I have been up since 3 and decided to write before the waves of nausea come. There was a Code Blue in the room next to me last night at 3 AM and there is no way you can sleep through that. Then I couldn't go back to sleep. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good right now. Usually when they bring breakfast trays the smells are what start it. The 2 units of blood really helped. Last night my son, Zac came to visit. Lauren decided to stay home with the kids. I told him they could have brought them, but he said that Riley always has a runny nose. So Lauren just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful earrings. I love them! Daughter-in-law Erika came by to visit also. We had a very nice visit until the nausea came back. So, today it is just more of the same! One more day! YES,I CAN.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 17

This is Kyle pinch hitting again. She has been nauseous all day off and on. I got here at 11:30 and we took a couple of walks and she walked on the treadmill. Dad and Marge came up this afternoon. Dad took his hat off and showed us his new haircut( a butch) for Cindy. Zac and Lauren are coming tonight. And Cindy is resting right now while getting a blood transfusion.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Well, since I last wrote my son, Kyle, stopped to visit. He always brings a sense of comfort and peace to me, when he visits. Papa Kyle has been back in Sandusky with Marcie for a couple days. She misses me bad, but will not come up to the Hospital. I talk to her quite a few times each day. Tonight, I took a walk and rode the treadmill for 5 minutes and I am worn out. They encourage to do that every day and I have been walking every day, but this is the first time on the treadmill. So I am going to sleep.Thank you every one!

Day 17

Halfway through this round! It has not been fun, but I've had a few visitors who made me smile. Last night (son) Kyle stopped by after work. He stayed quite a while, although I know he had a million things to do. It was very comforting. Then my brothers Doug, Craig, and Tony came and with them came sister-in-law, Beth and neice Kristen Schaefer. We had a very nice visit with a lot of laughs. Then I prepared for sleep and noticed lots of hair falling out, so alas the hair is going. This morning more had come out. This morning was a nauseous one. By luntime I felt better. My RN school chums came up this afternoon, Nancy Wasilyk and Tracy Childers. We had a nice chat. They brightened my day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day 16

Hello everyone....I'm sure you were wondering if I was OK. The truth is that it felt like my first diagnoses, I had not entertained the thought of another round of chemo. So, I needed some time to focus on what I have to. All bets are off, the boxing gloves are on, and round 2 has begun. I have to be mean and that isn't easy for me, but I have to show those sick cells that I mean business. The waves of nausea come and go and all I keep thinking is, I can do whatever it takes to get rid of you pesky cells. I have too many things left to do, too many people to love, too many grandbabies to watch grow up, too many babies to care for at TTH and Firelands, too many friends to see, tooo many places to visit. Thanks to EVERYONE!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Biopsy results

I knew it wasn't a good sign, when the Dr who performed the biopsy showed up at my door this evening. They had told us if it was clear we would not know until morning. She told us the results showed a few leukemia cells remain in my bone marrow. She told us of their plan for 5 days of more chemo and then at least 2 weeks of rehabilitation. We both just lost it. I reallyhad thought the result would be leukemia free. I had not let any space for this possibilty in my head. She was surprised at our reaction and told us that this is not a setback, that most people with leukemia need a second round of chemo befor remission. She said a very small percentage of people don't. So I already have the chemo running. My only concern is making it out in time for my son's wedding, and I AM PLANNING ON THAT!! Thank you everyone for all your prayers and please CONTINUE! I need all of you help.

Day 15

Cindy had a good Mother's Day. She had trouble stayin awake for all of her vistors. Her counts were low yesterday. But that's the way they want them. Then around midnight she woke finding the Drs. and Nurses around her bed because her blood pressure was dropping. So they pumped her with 6 bags of fluid. She also ate her first real food in 2 weeks (a hamburger). So after a long night of many trips to the bathroom she had her bone marrow biopsy 8:30 this morning. I sat by her side and I thought that her figernails were going right through the skin on my fingers. Im sure it wasn't as bad as what she went through. They said the results will take 24rs. Sooner if results are negative. WE CAN WAIT UNTIL TOMOORROW.

Everone keep up the good work. We appreciate all the prayers and comments. And Val , any more GW trips planned?

Cindy and Kyle

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day (Day 14)

Happy mothers day to all of you who are mothers. All of my sisters, sister-in-laws, friends, neices, my daughter, daughter-in-laws and of course my own mother who gave me life, and to my mother in law who gave me the most important person in my life.Well guys, we made it through the dreaded week 2!YEAH!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow at 1:30 PM another bone marrow biopsy will be taken. We should know the results sometime on Tuesday. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that it will be CLEAR. Going to try to catch a few winks before the nurse comes back!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

(oops) Day 13

I must have really been in a fog this morning to put myself back a day. I vaguely remember doing the blog this AM. I was so sick from the Percocet, I couldn't even see straight. However, tonight I am feeling so good that I just had to share it with all of you who have offered up prayers for my recovery. How can I ever thank you enough for alll you have done for me and my family? We are so fortunate to have such a close group of family and friends, who have stopped at nothing to help us. Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you.

Day 12

I woke early this morning, I felt preety good, so I decided to blog at 5 AM. Well things did not go as planned. My laptop would not come on , and I knew I couln't call Kyle at 5 AM. So I fooled with it a while. Then my nurse came in and tol me I had another fever. She gave me some Percocet for tummy pain and the fever. Well that started the vomitting thing and so now I have just gotten up to this. I will write more later.

Friday, May 12, 2006

DAY 12

One good, one bad day, I guess it goes that way sometimes. Today was one of the bad. All my blood levels were low. So I got Blood and plasma today. I can hardly stay awake for longer than 20 min at a time. But my body ia healing. I told Kyle to go out to dinner with Kyle, Erika, and Kade and get the heck out of here for aa while. He needs that. HE DEFINITELY HAS BEEN MY ROCK. Talk to you soon

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kyle's Update

Cindy had her best day yet. A lot of company today. Julie and Ed came up after his doctor appointment at the clinic. Tony ,Cindi and Mom Kromer came up in the afternoon. Then Kate and Kim came from Toledo. She wanted to thank everyone from TTH for their prayers and support and the pictures. She got emotional. Tonight Jude and Shelley came up. And Barb D Barb K and Robbie came up. Then KD came up. She was wiped out tonight and had some more cramping. We left about 8 o' clock. She needs a good nights sleep. She needs to get her immune system built back up.

PS: Thanks to everyone for helping us on our journey.


Day 11

Wow! I am halfway through this journey. Hopefully the last half will go quickly. I woke this morning, feeling better than I have the whole time. I am still very weak, but that is because all of my counts are low from the chemo. After the bone marrow biopsy(which is not going to show any leukemia cells), then They will build me back up with blood products. The biopsy is scheduled for May 15. Today I have a few visitors coming. I am looking forward to that!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My labs finally came back and I don't have C-diff!!! What a relief! Now I can start taking Lomotil (which is for diarrhea) and hopefully I will start feeling better soon. I still have a fever, but I can handle that. Things are looking up! I almost jumped out of bed and hugged the intern when she came in and told me it was negative. Ifelt as though all your prayers helped me through this. You guys are the force behind each step I take back to health. God bless all of you.

Day 10

I can feel the love coming from all your posts, and it does give me strength. I just hope today is better. I don't think I can take another day like yesterday. The stomach cramps and diarrhea just wiped me out. I will have my honey here with me though and he makes things better. I will try to post again today, if I can. Thank you everyone again and again for all your prayers and thoughts. It reall y makes me feel I can do this!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not Feeling Well Tonight

Mom is not feeling too good tonight, or all day for that matter. She had cramping and a fever and the Dr.'s are checking for C-dif which is an infection in the intestines. She had some more visitors today; Debbie Kraus, Beth Kromer, Doug Kromer Craig Kromer and Tony Schaefer.

Dad is still up there with her while the doctors do some tests to see if there is an infection. Hopefully he comes back soon with some good news.

Day 9

You are probably wondering why Cindy has not posted yet today. It has not been a real good day. She is very nauseous and weak. She got chuckle out of the TTH girls.

PS: Keep the prayers coming
Thanks Everyone,


The TTH Ladies

The TTH Ladies
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On floor Bev S., from left Susan A, Kim L, Joyce A, Sue C,and Judy B. (photo taken by Kate)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Chemo's done!

Woohoo! Chemo is done. Now on to the next challeng.........getting through this week. I certainly shooting for bypassing some of the problems I listed earlier. I had a bad day today with nausea and vomiting, so this is short. Dad and Marge visites this evening and so did my beautiful daughter in law Erika. Talk to you tomorrow.

Day 8

I thought I would get a jumpstart on the day, since I can't sleep and it feels lik the nausea is coming. I enjoyed so much the pictures that people sent me of the shower and all the prayers for me. I am so blessed. Today I enter something called NADIR(all of my girls from FRMC school of nursing will remember this). It is the period of time when the chemo has killed all of the blood cells in the body and the patient is very susceptible to infection. So I have to be very careful to discinfect everything I come in contact with, and I have to rinse my mouth 6 times a day with this stuff that tastes bad, to keep from getting mouth sores. So, in your prayers tonight please ask that I don't get any infections this week as that may delay my discharge date. I just want to go home. Thanks again to all of you who have been praying for me, I don't know what I would do without all of you support. Your posts give me inspiration and courage.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Last Bag Of Chemo

The last bag of chemo is up and dripping. And I am saying many prayers that this the LAST. I now will begin a week of antibiotics and blood transfusions. After that week, another bone marrow biopsy(YUK). If that biopsy is clean(no leukemia cells) and it WILL be, then I begin a week of more blood transfusions. And then I can go home. This is the course that I WANT, the alternative courses are more weeks in the hospital. So, once again I am asking for your prayers during this critical week(Gail ask your little ones for one more rosary please for this needy lady) I know I can do this, with the help of all of you.

sunday afternoon shower

Well, the Roth family is having their shower for my daughter-in-law to be, Lauren, as we speak.I feel bad that I can't be there, but as long as I can be at the wedding, I will do what I have to today. I am feeling much better this afternoon than I did this morning. After my post this morning, I started feeling real bad, the nurse came in and gave me acouple things and then I was snowed! I woke up to see my honey's face. We are going to watch the Cav's at 3:30. Well, just wanted to let everyone know, I'm doing better.!

Day 7

Only one more day of chemo (hopefully). It's been a rough ride. Yesterday, I got 2 units of blood and that did seem to make me feel a little better. My hemoglobin was so low every time I stood up, I thought I would pass out. Some of the grandchildren came up and Alexa snuggled in for a nap with me. That was therapeutic. Marcie calls often, but doesn't want to come to see me.(She doesn't like hospitals)Thanks to everyone who is keeping her busy. And Kyle seems to be holding up pretty good, thanks to all your prayers.He is my rock!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thank you

Mom sends out a thank you for all of the prayers and well-wishes. Thank you very much to Mrs. Bilgen for all of the rosaries prayed!

Kyle D.


This is Cindy's daughter Jess updating the Blog for today. She looked better this morning when we came to the hospital to see her. She had a few tears thinking this has to be over soon. She is getting a lot of inspiration from all of your posts so don't think for a moment that your thoughts aren't helping. She got pretty sick today but she is not going to let her spirit fall. She has started her second bag of blood and the nurses said that this should make her feel better since her hemoglobin was so low. The kids (Alexa and Alayna) came up and were great up there. They stayed about 7 hrs with a little complaining from Alayna. Alexa snuggled right up to her Nana in bed and brought a smile to Nana's face. Tomorrow she should be done with her first and hopefully final round of Chemo.(So keep that in your prayers!)We all believe that it will be gone and this nightmare will be all worth it.(Easy for me to say)She is a trooper!!!! Thanks to everyone because without all of you this fight would a much tougher battle. Kate to you ,eventhough I have never met you, you have made a lasting impression on my mother. She told me today in the hospital when we were talking about some of the post she told me that you were her inspiration. I thank you! You all are like family and together we ALL will get through this and realize what blessings we all have in our lives, that up until these past few weeks all of us probably have taken for granted. Hopefully she will be able to write soon as for now she needs some rest and when she is up to it I am sure she will.
Thanks to all!

Day 6

Well guys, yesterday was a pretty poopy day. The nurse pushes 60 mg Lasix twice and I can barely make it to the bathroom. Then I started getting lightheaded and almost passed out. Add to that all the anti-nausea meds I was getting and I WAS PRETT GORKED OUT. I felt bad for my visitors, but I could barely keep my eyes open. Today will be better. Dr Kalaycio says we will stop the lasix for today and I only have 2 more days of chemo! YEA!! The week after that will be used to build my blood back up with transfusions. I am going to make it out of here on schedule. I have to much to live for. LIFE IS GOOD!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Some of the Grandkids

Some of the Grandkids
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taken at Kyle and Erika's on May 5.

Mom and Sis

Mom and Sis
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A little something

Some video shot of some of the grandkids up to visit on May 5th.

Day 5

I,m pinch hitting for Cindy today. She is having her first bad day. They said she will have some good days and some bad days.She tries to rest but dosen't sleep long. She is geeting a little weaker. It's really tough to see her like this. Libby was here today and I went to lunch with K.D. Gram Roth and Ralph stopped on there way back from Florida. Keep the blog going it is great therapy for all of us.


Day 5

I,m pinch hitting for Cindy today. She is having her first bad day. They said she will have some good days and some bad days.She tries to rest but dosen't sleep long. She is geeting a little weaker. It's really tough to see her like this. Libby was here today and I went to lunch with K.D. Gram Roth and Ralph stopped on there way back from Florida. Keep the blog going it is great therapy for all of us.


Day 5

I,m pinch hitting for Cindy today. She is having her first bad day. They said she will have some good days and some bad days.She tries to rest but dosen't sleep long. She is getting a little weaker. It's really tough to see her like this. Debbie was here in the morning. She hsd to bring one of her friends, Skip Weyer, up to the Clinic for chemo for lung cancer. Libby was here today and I went to lunch with K.D. Gram Roth and Ralph stopped on there way back from Florida. Keep the blog going it is great therapy for all of us.


Thursday, May 04, 2006


Yes, Kate you can come see me anytime. Like I told you when you oriented me, You are my mentor and I love you. Kyle has Been driving back to Sandsuky once in a while,and when he is here he has been staying with our son and daughter in law who live here.

Many visitors

Today went really quickly. Julie came to visit this morning and we had a good visit. We laughed about Val's gifts. (You have to know my sister-in-law, Val. She is a goodwill shopper and always finds just the right gift there for everyone on her list) She also brought me a THONG for every day of the week! We were laughing so hard I almost wet my pants (Lasix).Then I had a little lunch and had some nausea, so time fore more Compazine which knocked me out. Then my Mom, brothers Tony and Craig and his wife Cindi came up. We had a very nice visit and I think it helped Calm my Mom's fears to see me in good spirits. Tony and Craig got tested for bone marrow. Libby(my sister) is getting tested tomorrow and my brother Doug is getting tested on Monday. Then this evening , my son Zac and his soon to be wife made the long trip from Toledo to see me.I have such wonderful children. I am so proud of each and every one. I feel so fortunate to have such a loving extended family. In-laws, friends, neighbors, my "girls" at TTH... you all mean the world to me, just as much as my family and I can never thank you enough for all the support you have given me. Together, WE WILL WIN!

Day 4

Good morning everyone!
Today is day 4 and I am one day closer to going home. I went to sleep early last night, so I am up early. The nurse comes in at 4 every morning to draw about 20 tubes of blood every day and then I can't go back to sleep. Today is going to be a GOOD day! I always enjoy waking up and reading all of your words of encouragement.....thank you so much everyone. I can feel the love in your words. I had quite the busy day yesterday. I went for my Hickman around 2. Daleen and Val were here and they helped take my mind off of it ( I was very nervous about the procedure) They made me laugh A LOT. When I got back I had Kyle write my entry yesterday becuse I was a little sore. I had my dinner and it actually tasted like gourmet food! Then my Dad and Marge, and Doug and Pat came to see me. It was good to see them. After they left the nurse gave me a dose of Lasix (that is a diuretic that protects my kidneys from the effects of the chemo by making me urinate A LOT). Erika was here when I received it and witnessed how fast it works. Now that I have the hickman, medicine administration and blood draws are so much easier. My poor arms look like pincushions. Talk to you later today. Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I just returned to my room. Finally got my Hickman. YEAH!!! Daleen and Val were here. They stayed and visited with Kyle during the placement of the Hickman. They had alot of laughs. It was good for us. Val brought usual (goodies). I am feeling much better now that the Hickman placement is over. Nurse just started second chemo drug. And I get to eat dinner!

Long Day

Yesteday was a long day.I wasn't allowed to eat or drink all day in preparation for the Hickman placement. Then at 4 pm they told me that I was bumped until today. I lost it . I felt bad for Kyle because he was sad, but I think that was why I was so nauseated all day with nothing in my stomach and all this medicine in my veins. They gave me drugs for the nausea and they made me very sleepy. Kyle and Erika visited last night and brought me a picture that Kade made. Of course I was teary, those grandkids mean the world to me and they know it. Today is going to be a BETTER day. Thank you everyone for everything you are doing for me and my family, I can feel your presence here with me as I fight off these bad cells. I will update after my Hickman placement if I can.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Room Change

I am being moved to a private room, since none were available yesterday. My new room number is G70-21. I am having quite a bit of nausea this afternoon, so I will talk to you later

Day 2

I am still waiting for my Hickman placement this morning, so I am in a hospital gown. Can't wait until I can put my jammies back on. So far the chemo has been tolerable. Just a little bit of nausea, and my blood pressure dropped to 80/34 so I had lots of nurses and doctors in my room most of the night. I feel kind of like I have the flu. They didn't want to give me any IV antiemetics since my blood pressure dropped, so I am just toughing it out for now. Kyle is very bored here, so if anyone wants to give him a call, I am sure he would love to hear from you. His number is 419-656-5674. Just wanted to also say a big thank you to Julie and Ed for getting the laptop here. It helps to be able to keep in touch with all of you and read your comments. You don't know how much those comments mean to me and lift my spirits when I am having a "why me" minute.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Day 1

Admission was a long process, but I am officially a patient in room G70-16 at The Cleveland Clinic. 9500 Euclid Avenue Cleveland Ohio 44195. I have a lovely view of the construction site of their new heart center. (Makes me feel as if I am at TTH!) I thought I was going to get my Hickman Catheter placed today, but I am scheduled for morning. A new Dr came in this afternoon and explained in a little more detail what to expect. He was very positive and helped ease my anxiety, as I had a meltdown when we got here. He asked if I wanted to wait till tomorrow or start the chemo tonight through my IV. I said, "let's go", so I am starting chemo at 9 pm. (1 less day here) Ihave my laptop plugged into my phone line, so call my cell(419-656-0462) if you want to reach me. I have it on 24/7. Talk to you tomorrow.

Give Me Strength

I am sending out a request for all of you to pray real hard today. I know what I have to do and I am scared, but I will do this. I have faced adversity before in my life, and with stubborn determination I have overcome it. However, this illness is by far the biggest test I have faced in my life. You all know, as well as I ,that if anyone can overcome this, it is me. But, I need all of you. Thank you so much everyone. To all my friends at TTH...I am so glad I got to see those of you who were working on Saturday.....and to those of you who weren't, be assured I know your thoughts are with me. Like Cheryl said 150 women behind you is a powerful thing. Well guys, It is time to go. LET'S ROLL.