Cindy Lou

Journal to share my thoughts and daily events with friends and family
in my journey through Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).

Friday, May 18, 2007

Best Mother's Day

I have to say I had the best Mother's day of my life this year. My children and grandchildrem all came home and took me to brunch at Lyman Harbor. What a treat! I am so proud of the adults they have all become. They carry my spirit in them, each and every one of them in different ways. And those grandchildren! They are just a delight to behold. I could just sit and watch them for hours. The way they interact with each other is a wondrous thing to behold. Thank you Jessie, Mike, Kyle, Erika, Zac and Lauren for giving me the most precious gifts in the world. Those little faces kept me going on my darkest days. Later in the evening, Doug, Craig, Cindi, Kyle and I took my mom out for dinner and it was nice to see her enjoy her day also. On a sad note, Marcie fell down the stairs when we were getting ready to go out. She kept complaining that her arm hurt, but she does that for the littlest things and always acts like she is dying, so we told her it would feel better tomorrow. Well it did'nt and so we had to get it x-rayed and you guessed it ... it is fractured at the elbow joint. So. she has to see an orthopedic Dr today and she will be off work for a while. So none of you will see her "smiling" face at Kroger for a while. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers and think of my daughter-in-law, Erika, and I on Sunday. That is the day of the Marathon in Cleveland and I will be there to watch her cross the finish line with a big smile and lots of gratitude for her efforts to raise money to fight this horrible disease.